Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Philosophy

1.1. Giuseppa Disegni believes a relationship with customers that is founded on trust is not only good manners, it is also good business. Protecting your privacy is important to us, and GD takes every reasonable precaution to ensure the confidentiality of the information you provide us.

1.2. We are also concerned about the security of your transactions. That is why we have aligned ourselves exclusively with PayPal to accommodate your debit and credit transactions, and accept only those forms of payment. PayPal is a licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Program, an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the use of fair information practices.

1.3. We invite you to peruse PayPal's Industry-leading privacy practices by visiting their web site: We are so sure of their commitment that once you sign up for PayPal's FREE service, we will apply a $5 discount toward your first purchase.

1.4. And, lastly, we welcome your feedback in ways we can better meet your expectations in this area.

2. Our Commitment to You

2.1. GD wants to make your online transaction with us satisfying and safe.

2.2. Our web site does not automatically record a visitor's e-mail address or domain. However, information about which web pages visitors access is collected to improve the content of our web site.

2.3. None of your personal information will be shared with or sold to any other organization or individual, other than as may be required by law.

2.4. If you provide us with your e-mail address, we may upon occasion send you e-mail offers. We may use information you have given us, for example, to provide a service, measure your interest in our various services, or inform you about products and services. All offers are carefully developed to ensure they meet our standards. Our goal is to target offers to people who we believe will find them valuable. The lists used to send you product and service offers are developed and managed under strict conditions designed to safeguard the security and privacy of customer personal information.

2.5. GD provides customers with an easy means to decline receiving e-mail offers. Although most customers tell us they appreciate receiving notice of these carefully designed opportunities, we recognize the importance of providing you with choices. At any time, you may request to discontinue receiving these offers by simply replying to the e-mail and informing us of your preferences. All e-mail offers that you receive from GD will inform you of how to decline receiving further e-mail offers.

3. Children

GD does not knowingly solicit data from children, and we do not knowingly market to children.

4. Spam

4.1. GD does not condone these activities and supports the development of new laws and regulations to stem email Spamming.

4.2. GD is not responsible for this unfortunate activity, and largely cannot stop it from occurring when it originates from outside domains. We can and will, however, take actions against users who utilize any of our email products as the launching pad for Spam directed towards others, whether those prospective Spam recipients be GD customers or not.

4.3. GD occasionally sends outbound email communications to our customers as a means to notify them of special promotions and events. Email communications reduce our operating costs and allow us to offer you our quality products and services at the lowest possible prices. We hope you never think of our email communications as Spam. To ensure this is the case, we have strong policies in place allowing our customers to control or to prevent the delivery of this content if that is your preference (please refer to 2.5, above).

5. Links to Other Internet Sites

Please be aware that other Internet sites to which a User hyperlinks from the site may contain privacy provisions that differ from the provisions provided herein. GD cannot be and is not responsible for such provisions and expressly disclaims any and all liability related to such provisions.

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